Killearn and BudaWest

A short ride out to Killearn to accommodate attendance at the BudaWest event at West Coast HD. It started a gloomy looking day but stayed dry and actually ended up pretty warm. Kenny was a newbie at leading under the supervision of Jigger and Stevie, nobody died so that has to rank as a success.

Kenny chose a route to get out into the country quickest via the Stockiemuir Road which worked quite well but perhaps the ride back in via the Clyde Tunnel and then picking up the old A8 wasn’t the best. It was a bit gridlocked at times…not helped I think by some road works on the westbound M8 which seemed to be bringing a lot of local traffic off the motorway onto the back roads.

Not to worry, we all made it back in time for the sun coming out and the entertainment at West Coast. Quite a few cases of temporary retinal burns were reported by the reflected light from Tommy’s incredibly polished helmet….has there ever been a helmet that had so much attention…all that buffing.

And of course lets not forget the Cult of Lairdy which remained strong in CVH members and entertainers alike.

All the images from the day can be seen on our Flickr Album

Killearn and Budawest
All the images from Killearn and BudaWest

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