We Are The Road Crew

This is your Clyde Valley HOG Road Crew.

The Road Captains form the very Elite of Clyde Valley HOG riders, the creme de la creme, the pinnacle of motorcycling excellence, the Apex of road going abilities….is that enough Jigger?….. having spent many hours in the saddle…days even.. and then attended the National Road Captains Training Course .

Head Road Captain:

James “Jigger” Mullen

Rides: 2023 Breakout (117)


Road Captains:

Raymond Brodie

Raymond Brodie

Rides: Anniversary Heritage Softail

Connor Fitzsimmons

Rides: Street Glide 114
Likes: Vaping like a gurl

Connor Fitzsimmons
Davie Fulton

David Fulton

Rides: Sport Glide
Likes: Tia Maria

Scott C Grove

Rides: Lowrider

Scott Grove
Davy Henderson

David Henderson

Rides: Street Bob

Chris Kelly

Rides: Switchback

Chris Kelly
Paul Stark
Paul Stark on his Sport Glide

Paul Stark

Rides: Sport Glide

Stephen Trainor

Rides: Road King Special

Director and Road Captain Stevie Trainor ready to roll.

Road Marshalls

The Clyde Valley Road Marshalls are plucked from the ranks of the membership mainly because they turn out in all weathers, and manage to keep the rubber side down in all conditions. They can also adapt to the pace of the pack and keep everyone onboard. Until you have ridden Sweeper or Tail Ender, you haven’t really experienced what it is like to be tied to an enormous elastic band that can stretch to a seemingly limitless length, then suddenly snap back at twice the rate you were previously going.

Brian "Fitz" Fitsimmons
Brian (Fitz) Fitzsimmons

Brian Fitzsimmons

Rides: Lowrider ST “Fast Johnny”
Can Am
Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650
Honda Gold Wing

Tommy Girvan

Rides: CVO Tri-Glide

Likes: CHiPs ( the TV programme not the potatoes)

Tommy Girvan
Tommy Girvan – a still grabbed from Top Gun
Janice Graham, LoH Officer and Road Marshal

Janice Graham

Rides: 120 Anniversary Heritage Softail

Likes: Battered Sausages

Alan McTaggart

Rides: CVO Road King

Likes: His country estate

Laird Alan McTaggart
“Laird” Alan McTaggart and his splendid CVO Road King
Kenny Halley

Kenny Halley

Rides: Sport Glide
Road King Special

Favourite Route: The Aberfeldy Loop

Frazer Auld

Rides: Dyna Fat Bob

Likes: Headbanging

Frazer Auld
Andy “Burnsy” Burns

Andy “Burnsy” Burns

Rides: Sportster

Likes: Fag breaks…loads of Fag breaks

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