How We Ride

Feel the buzz on mass ride outs!

Being a member of Clyde Valley HOG means you can get involved in some of the most exciting rides out there. The scenery and roads we have on our doorsteps are amazing and not to be taken for granted, they are waiting to be explored, so our aim is to hop on our trusty steeds and see as much as we can!

Clyde Valley Chapter is very well known across Scotland and we are always made to feel very welcome wherever we go. We ride out in every direction to cover as many miles as possible.

We are all about having fun so come along and be part of something major.

Clyde Valley on the road
Clyde Valley Chapter Road Crew leading a mass ride out at The Gathering. Photo By Kenny Halley

General Ride out and Activities Information

Chapter Activity Categories

  • Closed events: Chapter events that are open to current CVH Chapter members. Chapter members may bring along a guest. All Chapter ride-outs are closed events unless stated otherwise.
  • Member events: open only to CVH members and Associate Members with a valid H.O.G. membership
  • Open events : Chapter events that are open to everyone.

*Please note that photos may be taken during the ride out of Members, Guests & their bikes which may be used to help promote Clyde Valley H.O.G., West Coast Harley-Davidson or Harley Owners Group UK.

Staggered Formation Riding

Staggered Formation riding Illustration
Staggered Formation riding Illustration

The Chapter rides in a staggered formation for safety reasons. The minimum recommended spacing to the bike directly in front of you should not be less than two seconds.

The bike in the lane to your left or right should not be less than one second ahead of you. You will find that two seconds is a long distance when traveling at motorway speeds but is still advised.

Second rider drop off

You can find out about 2nd rider drop-off by watching our handy instructional video

Clyde Valley HOG: How we ride instructional video.

Please Note that on ALL ride-outs:

“You are deemed to be in control of and responsible for your vehicle and your riding at all times, irrespective of any guidance or instruction from any members of the road crew. You must at all times ride within the law and obey road traffic regulations.”

The Clyde Valley Chaper Prayer


Please also note, that before taking part in any Clyde Valley HOG sanctioned riding activities you MUST have signed and returned a Disclaimer form for the year in question. These are sent out with membership cards and badges and should be returned to the secretary. If for some reason you misplace or otherwise spoil the form you can download a BLANK form below. NOTE All fields must be completed and you must indicate if you are a FULL or ASSOCIATE member. If you join a ride-out event the Road Captain will require you to confirm completion of the Disclaimer. If you cannot confirm, you can complete one prior to the ride and return it to the Road Captain.


All guests must complete a GUEST DISCLAIMER form and return to the Road Captain prior to riding or riding as pillion on any bikes. The guest forms will be given out by the Road Captain on the day of the activity. Do not use the form below.