Managing Events

We understand it may not be convenient, or you might simply want to look up what’s happening without referring to the InterWebs. The Event Calendar provides some useful alternatives that may help.

You can connect a Google Calendar ( the one that comes with Android phones) or Apple iCalendar ( the one that comes with iPhone’s to our events calendar. In a similar fashion you can also connect an Outlook365 or Microsoft Live account to our calendar. These are known as Subscriptions and they “should” provide you with an automatically updating connection to our Events calendar that you can see anytime on your phone, tablet or PC.

Note Please that it looks like it only shows the immediately upcoming 6 weeks worth of data in the Schedule at any one time so if you do need to look further ahead you may want to look on the website.

There are also two other options for loading the data into a static calendar such as Microsoft Mail or Outlook. If you use these you will need to click through a month at a time and download the data for each month and be aware it will not automatically update as changes occur, but its handy for most things and shows you whats upcoming, and you can add everything all the way to the end of the year that we already have loaded.

This wee video explains the principles and should get you started.