Loch Katrine Ride out….. and the Clotted Cream Crisis

This weeks shop ride-out was to Loch Katrine by way of Aberfoyle and the Dukes Pass, a legendary bikers road. The weather forecast was promising but a few of the riders did get caught in some heavy rain on the way into Hillington, made worse by it being driven on the gusty winds which made for a soggy start to the day for some. Some though managed to totally avoid the rain just by being on the road a few minutes either side of the rain fall….so it was just your luck.

As the group assembled to leave for the Trossachs the rain had one final tip down, hammering hard on the roof of WCHD and frankly that was it. After that it was dry, with even brilliant sunshine on the way out from Balloch to Aberfoyle on dry roads, and then a dry crossing of the Dukes pass. It was evident that there had been no rain up on the hill and in fact ( as happened during the road crew recce earlier in the week) even the gusty wind was absent on the hill.

The rain had a wee return while we were inside stuffing our faces with Scones but it was gone by the time we emerged to head back to our respective destinations via Callander.

There was a short stop in at the car park at Aberfoyle while the ride leader Davy received updates from the cafe at Katrine letting us know that clotted cream was not going to be an option on the scones so that the group could decide whether to make the crossing with inevitable minor disappointment awaiting at the other end.

if You have never ridden the Dukes Pass, and we had a few DP virgins on this ride, you might want to check out this segment of video from the Road Crew recce, of a run up the Dukes Pass during the week in sunshine and devoid of traffic.

However, we decided that cream or no cream the Dukes Pass was ready and waiting for us and we made a steady crossing with relatively little traffic of note.

Loch Katrine for Scones

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