Chapter Ride Out to Kingshouse, Glencoe June 2023

Ian's Bike in front of the Buachaille

Who ate all the pies?

Would the weather hold?

Would we finally be forced into waterproofs?

Would Connor have any idea who Scotland were playing at football despite rushing home to watch “the” game?

Lindsay’s big Knickers….let’s not even go there….. Ian was appalled…”appalled” do you hear!

Can the insides of a Pie be so yellow and not kill you…Gilly should be able to answer that one…..Gilly?…Gilly? Oh dear….

What exactly was Lairdy doing in this photo?

Everyone in the Chapter wishes Lairdy a speedy recovery from having his arm reattached this week. Then maybe we might kindly suggest he might consider a trip to the dentist.

So a dozen bikes assembled at West Coast for a Saturday Chapter Ride (due to Sunday being Fathers Day).

Connor was leading the group and demonstrated exemplary memory skills reciting the chapter prayer prior to the off….that or he has very good eyesight and has it taped to a sticky on the building opposite the dealership.

You can see how impressed everyone was. Enthralled and overjoyed I think you can see that in the photos of the assembled throng.

Kara looked delighted she no longer had to listen to “You are deemed to be in control of and responsible for your vehicle and your riding at all times…..” for the 3569th time this week. Rumour has it, he was even practising at the bowling green!

We learned too that Frazer has become one with the Cult of Lairdy

At one with the Cult of Lairdy

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