International Ladies Ride Day and Camping trip

Petrina suitably attired for “camping”

As if burning your feet for charity wasn’t enough activity for one weekend those Ladies of Harley were out again on Saturday this time on altogether ‘cooler’ pursuits (see what I did there?) for International Ladies Ride day.

Seven Lady Riders took a ride out to Helensburgh heading over the Old Military Road, led by LoH Officer Janice, with Jigger and Connor along to provide Road Crew Duty support.

Pete Mulkerrins also attended but he mistook the ride out as the “Camping trip” and had decided to dress the part. He also requested he be referred to as Petrina….which didn’t seem to be news to Katrina.

Connor has his LoH wings on order ready for Campbelltown

Connor not wishing to be left out of the cross-dressing action has allegedly already bought his Ladies of Harley Patches ( ……’with wings’…. what?) and has a range of recipes to try out for Strawberry Tea Weekend.

We imagine it’s safer letting him loose with a food mixer rather than a nail gun.

The ladies, all headed out to Helensburgh for a few pictures and no doubt to have a cooling dip of those singed feet in the Clyde before returning to WCHD for tea and Medals.

The Actual “Camping” Trip

The Other group riding out on Saturday morning was an ‘actual’ camping trip…not the cross-dressing festival that Petrina turned out for. Scott took a group of about 8 of the hardier riders out for a ride up through Glencoe, via Fort William and ending up at Skye for an overnight under canvas….and there wasn’t a bottle of eyeliner in sight…. well not that anyone is admitting though apparently there may have been some sunken looken eyes the next morning.

It was hard to see if Scott had packed his make-up bag or his “special underwear” for an overnight trip.
Ian MacKay
Ian appeared to be carrying off the Windswept and Interesting look for the 2024 Belstaff catalogue
The crew at Skye with the CVH and Isle of Skye flags.

What happened on this overnight trip is a case of “what happened in Skye, stays in Skye” though apparently the SSPCA were called to several crofts on Sunday morning to look at some very distressed sheep.

All the photos from the Skye Camping trip are on Flickr.

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