Bishopbriggs and Campbeltown ’23….. the tears….

You know the old saying what goes in Campbeltown, stays in Campbeltown. So basically you had to be there….OK twist my arm…. best not to twist Lairdy’s or that will be another visit to A&E…

First off….before we get to Campbeltown….

Bishopbriggs Gala Day

A big shout out to the guys and girls that represented the Chapter at Bishopbriggs Gala Day. Unfortunately, the date of this clashed with the already arranged Campbeltown ride so it fell to a smaller cohort of riders- still a respectable dozen or so to turn out for us at this event. Thank you to everyone that turned out.

The pictures below were courtesy of Ian and Donna Mckay.

Video by Pete Chisholm
Video by Raymond Brodie

These and more photos on Flickr.

Bishopbriggs Gala Day

…and back to Campbeltown

The chapter couldn’t have asked for better weather for the ride down to Campbeltown, in fact it was probably the best day of the year so far for the ride out. A wee bit misty on the Kintyre peninsula in places and that lowered the temperature in places, but the roads were dry, pretty quiet and it was a great run. A wee stop off at Lochgilphead let everyone restore circulation after the run over the Rest and Be Thankful round Loch Fyne and through Inverary.

With everyone safely arrived at Campbeltown by about half past two, we all assembled on the pier for the Customary Chapter photos before we headed for the Argyll Arms Hotel to get checked in.

After checking out the cultural and architectural highlights of the wee town ( I think I might have looked out the window of my bedroom at the slate roof outside it), the chapter convened for pre theatre cocktails in the bar. The theatrics in this case was Burnsy whose Campbeltown stand-up date just happened by happy coincidence to correspond with the Chapter visit. Who would have imagined it?

The Joy

John and Karen stepped out to get a “munchy bag”, to see them through the long dark Campbeltown night, and on returning to the bar deposited a bag of Space Dust in Burnsy’s lap. Overjoyed he was…as was everyone else at the expressions. The combination of Space Dust and Guinness obviously does something special.

The Tears….

…and the Horror

It didn’t end there…there was still the dinner table

…and then The Feathers.

So after a restful night, though maybe not so restful for those that spent it in A&E… rumours of X-rays, specialists being rushed from Glasgow, one of whom might have been a vet and body parts stuck where they shouldn’t be. Connor might have mentioned strap on but that report is uncorroborated. However, Lairdy was definitely strapped-up on return…


Most of the importanter members of the committee (rightly) disowned us and headed off to “the caravan”…Ok they had a high powered meeting in Hunters Quay so had to leave in the rain.

Of course ‘some’ of the grown-ups behaved

Some of us managed to behave and did in fact see a little of Campbeltown and Kintyre. So for those that were there and don’t even know what Campbeltown looks like without beer pumps or optics…… the cultural highlights.

And after a short wait for the heavy drizzle to abate…almost by some miracle the weather forecast was actually correct and it was pretty dry the whole way home,

All the photos above and more can be found on Flickr.

Campbeltown 2023

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  1. A very enjoyable article, well scripted with a smattering of humour and I can’t wait now to hunt out the photo in the many for the victim of some mishap. I didn’t quite follow in the script. There were no mention of tears as I recall but some sort of mummified bandaging occurred and I’ve always wished to see a mummy on a Harley. Well what can one say about a man who arranges his bint on arrival. Shower dust and feathers is to good for him, heeee’s heeee’s heee’s mad sir. Wash him down.

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