Burntisland Chapter Ride Out

Vicki looking confident on the Sportster

No one got Burnt and there’s no island

The Chapter ride-out this month was to Burntisland in the Kingdom of Fife. Led by Stevie, and supported by Connor and Jigger, the riders rode up through the west side of the Campsies and then across the Carse of Stirling (that was Carse….there is a “C” in front…) via the A811, before joining the M9 at Craigforth to miss out some roadworks through the city, then on out to Kincardine for a comfort break and to pick up any riders who couldn’t get across Glasgow to WCHD in time for the start.

With circulation restored the riders left over the Kincardine Bridge and headed along the north shore of the River Forth to the final destination which was Burntisland.

While it wasn’t a cold day, it was a bit on the grey and dull side and rain was always threatening but never really getting going.

The chapter arrived on the Stirling Ring Road at 11:43, some 13 minutes later than predicted by your humble scribe, apparently due to the late arrival at WCHD of one Andrew Burns who flew in from his spiritual home of Egypt to join us….not that we would dare cast up anything like lateness to one so exulted.

Burnsy fashionably late after flying in from Egypt.
Burnsy was “fashionably late” we are told, at West Coast HD, resulting in the delayed departure of the ride out, not that we would want to make anyone feel guilty at all about such behaviour. I mean we never mention Aidan’s late arrival for the ride to Thunder in the Glens last August either. That’s long, long forgotten, so much water under the bridge…

The ride out was planned to almost literally pass your webmasters door, and he spent half an hour after 11am looking for a suitable spot to capture the bikes with Stirling Castle in the background. The time and sacrifices…you have little idea. By the time 11:43 rolled around ( 13 minutes later than his estimate of the time the ride would pass by) he was starting to think they weren’t coming. Perhaps a change of plan, perhaps a no show…

So long after the due time in fact that the sun even attempted to come out for a moment. All caused by Burnsy’s “delayed arrival” at WCHD. Not that we would wish to make anyone feel bad or be reminded of their mis-deeds. But appear they did, then were off down the M9

With the riders “eventually” past Stirling, your mere “Documenter of Truths” took off like the proverbial scalded rabbit ( is that even a proverbial thing? I’m not sure it is.) and was off down the M9 in pursuit of the bikes on their way to Kincardine Services.

Imagine therefore his surprise when he arrived at said designated rally point and only Brian stood, sad and alone, bereft of friends with no other shiny things of the Milwaukee Motor Company to be seen.

Brian was sad, and lonely.

We were standing discussing this odd state of affairs when the rumbling sound of V Twin power made itself heard and into the car park rode Stevie and the troops. They had taken the “Eastern Villages” route out via Fallin and Airth. Brian was much happier now! Happy Brian.

Greetings were gret and hello’s were exchanged. Jigger looked troubled by his new found love of green bowls having spent an action packed day in flat shoes on Saturday, and is considering trading in his custom Street Glide Special, for a Henselite Tiger Evo ( well, a set of four actually) and is actively shopping for a blazer and grey “slacks” I am reliably told by young Connor.

After consuming some of Columbia’s finest produce ( that will be coffee by the way) …the bikes roared off east in pursuit of palm-fringed beaches, and sunshine. At this point your disseminator of all that is honest and truthful, and without humour parted company with the pack, as work-related obligations beckoned.

Jigger’s short leg

Has anyone noticed? Can you even play bowls like this?

is it just me that see’s the photo on the left and thinks of the picture on the right?

Jiggers short leg

…and on to the island of Burned-ness

They never found sun nor palm fringed beaches served by those wee Tiki Bars that serve rum laced cocktails…. but did reach Burntisland. It had a chip shop.

Ride out group with flag

And so another successful ride out ends, our weary travellers said their farewells and made their way back to Clyde Valley land, regaling any who would listen of burning islands, people with their pants on their heads and apparently Jigger was hugely impressed with the greens at Burntisland Bowling Club and has vowed to return with his “Evo’s”.

Burntisland Chapter Ride out May '23

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