Going WILD! in the CoUNTRY…. definitely not bowling: Lanark Loch

This Saturday’s ride out was to Lanark Loch under the expert navigation of Road Captain Chris Kelly, assisted by sweeper and soapy bike washer Janice (it requires too much explanation you had to be there) and non-expert navigator on this particular way around Lanarkshire, Kenny as tail-ender.

So unfamiliar with this particular neck of the woods was the tail-ender, that he marveled at how big Stathaven had become in the ten years since he had last visited it (never having approached it from the north west before). We must have past three or four signs on the big boulevard they have built to manage this rapid expansion, that read
Town Centre

before we reached a roundabout that was “decorated” with a huge EK and your humble scribe suddenly realised we were actually in East Kilbride.

Oh dear, never mind.

At least these two knew where we were going!

Chris…not dressed to go bowling
Janice isn’t dressed to go Bowling either.

We had about 13 bikes in total for the run and a great wee hurl through some very quiet, dare I say well surfaced twisty roads across the the loch which took about 90 minutes. it wasn’t as warm as you might have imagined especially out beyond the Mega Metropolis that is Strathaven ( see prior comments).

No Burnsy on this ride out, no, he isn’t in Egypt, we had it on good authority he was staying in to await the delivery of his Rally Pack for The Gathering, which was apparently being dropped off by Davy Henderson, mounted on a golden chariot pulled by two Arabian Stallions. (only a portion of this might be untrue).

Editors note: I am going to have to buy Burnsy so many pints at The Gathering to make up for the amount of abuse he gets on the pages of this website! There will be a collection bucket at registration to assist in this regard.

Sons of Airdrie Bowling Club

While this was going on Jigger and his young Padawan Connor want it to be known that they selflessly embarked on a hazardous reconnaissance mission onto the Cowal Peninsula in prep for The Gathering. No bikes were lost in this perilous quest, but at least five…yes FIVE emails of the two photos that they want us to see were still arriving at Clyde Valley HQ late into Saturday evening, so keen were they for you to see these images. You can stop now chaps, well done, time for tea and slippers…..speaking of which another photo of the daring duo has also arrived that Jigger and Connor are maybe less keen to be shared.

Chibbs and Jax watching another great delivery that ended up with three bowls closest to the jack on this occasion…what excitement!
The Pathfinders at Lochgoilhead Bowling club car park.
Jigger and Connor, took the boat back as they were in such a rush to slip into something more “blazer and flannels” and hit the Bowling greens at Airdrie.

…but no bowling at Lanark

At Lanark Loch however there was definitely no discussion of bowls. Anyone daring to discuss the race to reach 21 points was soon sent for ice cream. We did however learn that Yvonne particularly likes the way I say the word “CoUNTRY” though perhaps best to not elaborate much further on that. Davie Fulton revealed that some soapy mankini action might be on the cards at The Gathering if we pay him enough and Paddy is suffering PTSD from the discussion of Davie and Catherines romantic weekend away for their 30th Anniversary ( congratulations guys from all at CVH ). We did try to protect him by asking him to cover his ears but he was having none of it. Paddy does however seem to be developing some interest in bowling, probably spending too much time with Connor.

None of the rest of the riders who headed to Lanark Loch were dressed to go bowling either.

….and before you go

A few familiar faces were encountered up at the Wallace Rally later in the day who cannae wait for The Gathering next week…..mind it’s not too late to get a last minute ticket.

Gary says he hasn’t recovered from the mental trauma I caused him taking his photo last year at Hunters Quay. Am I going to regret turning up this year…..nah….cannae wait!

All Saturdays images are on Flickr

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