I Love the Smell of Nalpalm…and toasted feet

Well the Ladies of Harley team pulled it off with ( so far) raising more than double their original target with the total currently standing at £2175. All the team completed the challenge of the Renfrew Firewalk on Friday night and were delighted when Fitzy and Iain stepped up to collect the certificates of completion.

When interviewed after the event, Fitzy said ” I put down my success to the thickness of the soles in my Caterpillar Boots”…..Iain added, “aye, and I kept my socks on as well”…. Some achievement!

But seriously, the ladies I understand did at least 4 trips over the coals and now only walk with slight limps on the stumps that were left after the ordeal. Lucky they all have bikes to get on. We have all heard the phrase “knees in the breeze”, after the walk they were all “feet in the freezer”. A fantastic effort and if you still would like to contribute it’s not yet too late. Just click on this link.