AGM 2023 Report

The Clyde Valley HOG AGM was held today at the Riverside Museum on Clyde Side and was a very well attended event*.

The AGM gets underway at the Riverside Museum

Key takeaways from the event.

  • West Coast Harley Davidson won the dealership of the year award once again as well as 3 others.
  • Our best wishes were expressed for a member and his family, after being diagnosed with a serious illness and the Chapters thoughts are with them all at this concerning time.
  • Membership is running at its highest for the time of year.
  • The financial accounts are restored to decent health now that we have exited the worst (hopefully) of the COVID situation and activities have fully resumed, and the chapter returned a healthy operating profit that will allow activities to be planned and carried out fully.
  • We still have a vacancy for a Treasurer if any volunteers are forthcoming let the Director know.
  • The Gathering planning continues, we have three great bands lined up for the weekend, ticket sales are decent but we need members to make sure they have theirs very soon in order to guarantee rally packs. If you are holding off buying your tickets, please get them by the end of March to ensure you get a rally pack!
  • The Activities officers want to start planning of The Gathering by getting a rally committee together to arrange activities and start putting faces to jobs. There are over 90 roles that need to be assigned over the event and the chapter would appreciate as many members coming forward to take on a task or two each. If everyone did one or two it would ease the pressure on the Committee and get everything done with ease. Please let Tina or David know if you are able to help with the organising group or at the event ASAP.
  • Members were also asked to forward any ideas for events they think might be fun for the season to the Activities officers (keeping in view costs which appear to be stratospheric for many group events just now).
  • Ladies of Harley go from strength to strength and there are now nearly 50 LoH members and thirteen riding (full) members (well done Katrina for passing her full licence this week!) now with another in the pipeline that just passed her Mod1 this week.
  • The 6th of May annual Camping trip is heading to the Isle of Skye, anyone attending let the Assistant Director know ASAP.
  • A LoH ride out for International Lady Riders day is to be held ALSO on the 6th of May.
  • The Merchandise officer passed around this years The Gathering Patch that will be made for those requesting it. He also mentioned various legacy items that could still be sold, we will look to get them itemised here on the website and if you want them get in touch with him.
  • The Head Road Captain informed the chapter we have 5 Road marshalls ( subject to a training session at the end of the month) and 9 Road Captains and over 40 riding events planned for the year. There are still spaces for the Gretna run /overnight stay and Campbelltown was almost full.
  • Website is being maintained and all known events are detailed on the site and it was asked members refer to the site in the first instance to see what’s going on. In addition, key events will be posted on the Facebook Page banner each month during the season so you can see at a glance the main events. Any issues or difficulties with the site contact the Webmaster.
  • We still have a significant number of members who have not signed in to the Clyde Valley Announcements Channel where you will be able to be informed or reminded of anything imminent in the Chapter. If you are having issues please contact the Director.

Following the official Agenda appreciation of the Committee’s efforts were expressed from the floor.

We then welcomed a representative from Breast Cancer Now who received a cheque for £1000 from the Chapter raised by the Ladies of Harley in the last year.

A representative of Breast Cancer Now conveyed their appreciation for the funds collected on their behalf.

*Burnsy was not in attendance…probably still in Egypt.

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