Road Crew Training ; pre-season 2023

Jigger arriving at Showcase Micky D's

“Use me as your Sat Nav”…….lost!

The new riding season is upon us and the Clyde Valley HOG Road Crew were out on somewhat greasy roads around North Lanarkshire and the Clyde Valley ( appropriately enough) to run through various scenarios, discuss thoughts and ideas and let those less experienced at Road Marshalling, ask questions.

Bikes in Wishaw
The Road Crew making their way through Wishaw, had to fight through a group of Jigger Groupies waiting to ambush him at the lights…..

Head Road Captain Jigger had some routes planned and acted as Sat Nav while the Road Marshalls took it in turns to lead the rides or act as Sweeper or Tail, and Scott and Chris were observers to make points on what went well and what just needs a little thought. All the points raised were constructive and open to discussion and questions.

Jigger and Lairdy and some pop.
Jigger turned out prepared for the day…..Lairdy diplomatically informing him that was naughty…. we can’t repeat what Tommy said on a family website….

The Road Captains threw a few “spanners” and curve balls in to keep things interesting and challenging and it all led to a fun day with plenty to think about.

And the biggest curve ball was Head Road Captain ” use me as a sat nav” Jigger getting lost….he disputes that but the Road crew are calling “majority decision” on that one.

Tomorrow ( Sunday the 26th March) sees the first ride out of the season open to all members but the road crew would encourage less experienced members or first-timers at group riding to come along, ask questions, and get the opportunity to learn with no pressure…we all had to do this for a first time as well so we all know what it’s like riding with a lot of bikes for the first time. See you there.

Clyde Valley Road Crew
The 2023 Clyde Valley Road Crew minus a few call offs .

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