The Gathering 2022

The Gathering 2022

The much anticipated Clyde Valley HOG Rally The Gathering was finally able to be held in 2022 after a two-year hiatus caused by the now infamous COVID Pandemic. This years event was held at Hunters Quay resort between the 10th and 13th June.

Indoor games kept the attendees amused
Hit a target- win some beer!

We had a great attendance with Chapters making their way to the Rally site from as far afield as Plymouth and Bristol. The Chapter with the biggest attendance picking up the trophy were our friends from Dunedin Chapter on the east side of Scotland who brought nearly 50 of their Chapter with them.

The weekend prior to The Gathering had been very settled, horizon to horizon blue sky and while not properly warm, was absent of the high winds that had seemed to delay the onset of Spring let alone Summer. The Chapter had ridden out to Helensburgh, and some of the Road Crew took a spin around by Dunoon to recce the roads. That being said it had been a very dry Spring and surely the weather gods could magic up more of the same for one more weekend in June?

Jigger Head Road Captain
Jigger Head Road Captain Leading the Friday Ride Out Photo By Kenny Halley

Alas No!

The riders who made their way to Hunters Quay on Thursday to help out with preparation were lucky and had reasonably fair weather for their trip. But the Ride Out from WCHD on the Friday, though starting in dry and not especially cold conditions, soon deteriorated into drizzle then light rain then heavy rain as the column progressed up towards and over the Rest and Be Thankful. If you didnt stop to get waterproofed up, or weren’t already wearing a waterproof layer…you were going to get soaked through.

Ladies of Harey Prosecco Party Photo By Kenny Halley

The weather meant the “Technical Ride Out” on Friday had to be canceled. The weather got worse ( as if it was possible) on Friday night and by Saturday morning the local Police were contacting the Head Road Captain Jigger to strongly advise against taking the bikes out on the mass ride out to Lochgoilhead. There were fallen branches, gravel and heavy surface water all over the roads and it was still persisting down. Ride out was canceled- a huge disappointment.

CVH Whisky Tasting Photo By Kenny Halley

Sunday dawned moist but not intolerably damp and the attendees headed out to Inverary and started out in what seemed to be quite promising conditions, the roads were actually dry around Dunoon and the sun was trying to make an appearance. It didn’t last, about 10 miles out we hit into rain that soon turned heavy and riders were again drenched before clearing the gloom just as they approached Inverary, where the sun was actually shining! A very pleasant and warm stop was enjoyed by all and the ride back to Hunters Quay was done in mostly bright and at times warm and sunny conditions…finally the sun shines on the righteous!

Ride Out to Inverary
Ride Out to Inverary Photo By Kenny Halley

So with all the above tribulations with the weather you might be forgiven for thinking it was a miserable weekend. Far from it, the Chapter run various games in the resort indoor leisure area raising funds for charities. There was the Ladies of Harley Prosecco Party as well as the Clyde Valley Whisky Tasting both events which went down very well!

Women in Rock
Women in Rock Photo By Kenny Halley

The rallygoers were entertained on Friday night by Three Card Trick who kept everyone dancing. On Saturday night the headline act of the Rally, Women In Rock simply blew everyone away with their fantastic set of female-inspired Rock Covers sponsored by Exceed Joinery. The whole hall was literally bouncing. And on Sunday night we had Fat Alligator, the band of our Activities Officer Davy Henderson, who plays the drums.

We also had a Custom Show- admittedly a bit rushed between downpours and a Loudest Bike competition…and the bikes were very loud! All great stuff.

We are already planning The Gathering for 2023, it looks like it will be a week earlier but keep an eye on our news and events pages for full details as they come available. We will see you all there!

The Gathering 2022
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