Gordon’s 90th Birthday Ride Out and WCHD Easter Weekender

Clyde Valley do Village people

What a Fabulous weekend!!

This was a Clyde Valley “mates” run. A group of Road Crew and Clyde Valley regulars rode out to Newton Mearns to bring some V Twin joy to a “nonagenarian”…..(look it up, that’s someone in their 90’s), Gordon Bland, a lifelong biker and friend of Road Captain Jigger’s family. On the occasion of his 90th Birthday, Clyde Valley brought Gordon, his son in law and Grandson in to spend a few hours enjoying the Easter party atmosphere at West Coast. There was Birthday cake, live music, a charity BBQ in aid of CHAS being run by Clyde Valley HOG and lots and lots of Bikes.

Gordon rode Pillion on the back of California Highway Patrol’s latest recruit, Tommy Poncharello’s CVO Trike and was escorted by his family members on the back of Davie Fultons Sport Glide, and Connor Fitzsimmons Street Glide.

A noisy accompaniment was provided by the riders of CVH. Everyone made it out and made it back, though to be fair, one of the residents took a shine to Brians’s Street Glide and he nearly became a resident himself.

We made short video of the ride to collect Gordon, crank up the volume and enjoy Gordons entry to his 90th year….Wild and Free. You might find it easier to download the video to watch, any half-decent tablet or PC should be able to cope with it…..Can’t really share via YouTube for obvious reasons due to the audio.

If it won’t play for you in full 1080HD, download it and watch it directly on your device.

Gordon’s 90th Birthday Ride Out

There are loads and loads of photos from the day, the prime selection are on Facebook with the usual (witty?) caption’s, a few have been reposted here along with some not seen on fB and ALL (many not so far seen) will be on Flickr at the Album linked below.

Easter Sunday Ride out

Clyde Valley joined with hundreds of other bikers from across the West of Scotland to take part in the Glasgow Childrens Hospital Charity Easter Egg Run through the city from Glasgow Green to Braehead.

We had about 15 riders out for this great cause and then the party continued at West Coast with more burgers and BBQ.

By days end the Chapter had raised a colossal £1400 for GCHC from the weekend. Well done everyone who came out and supported us and West Coast with this event, a brilliant result!

Our Flickr Album of all the images from this weekend.

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