EHD Ride Out for MacMillan Coffee Morning

On Saturday we took a ride east to see our friends at Dunedin HOG who, in conjunction with Edinburgh Harley Davidson were running a Coffee Morning in aid of MacMillan Cancer support.

We took a route that after negotiating the M8 through Glasgow headed along less busy roads through North Lanarkshire and into West Lothian.

It has to be said though that just getting to WCHD on Saturday ended up a bit of a Red Light Nightmare for your hapless correspondent when he admitted he had to ride like a bit of an ar**hole to get to WCHD in time despite leaving pretty early. Burnsy let it be known to all that would listen (fortunately no one does :-)) that he reckoned I always ride like an **sehole.

Team support in the Road Crew is strong even from the latest Paddawan. 🙂

“You ai-ways ride like an a*r*hole”….Louise at least thought it was funny… me? I’m taking legal advice…

So after the usual taking of pictures..

Frazer on the shutter

sniffing of fingers….where had that been?

Russ had a stinky finger- maybe

and donning of lids…we headed east in search of sunshine, dry roads and cake.

Lids on

…we were off….

But not for long as Frazer had an impromptu breakdown at the entry to the Anderston tunnel and had to be assisted by Road Crew Tail gunner Fitzy on his Rubber Johnny. ( it was always bound to happen with that name, wasn’t it?… juvenile but might as well get it out there now… over and done with say I. It even had the missing 5 gears that went astray a few weeks back…Hurray for gears!!

Fast (Rubber) Johnny)
Fast Johnny- six speed!
Tail gunner Fitzy to the rescue

There were a few missed and tricky drop-offs and traffic split us up a few times but in the end we all made it to EHD safely under the lead of Connor who was today’s Road Captain and we arrived in time for Hot Dogs, Cake and laughs. Even Frazer got his Fat Bob going and Fitzy showed how fast Johnny can be when he is playing catch up; and we all arrived together.

We also met friends from Geordie Chapter who had made the longer journey up the east coast from Newcastle to support Dunedin.

After all the shennanigans what was the final outflow of todays events. Well a grand total of £2000 was raised for MacMillan for which everyone involved can be proud of their contribution. WELL DONE Dunedin and EHD….WELL DONE ALL!

MacMillan Coffee Morning
Flickr Photo Album from Saturday at EHD

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