Ride To The Wall 2023

A number of Clyde Valley members made the annual pilgrimage to the National Memorial Arboretum to attend the Ride to the Wall (RTTW) day.

The Group led by Head Road Captain, Jigger left from just outside Strathclyde Country Park ahead of what was to be one of Scotland’s wettest weekends on record, stopping in at Southwaite to pick up Paddy before continuing on to Lichfield for the night.

They report that it was a bit wet as far as Manchester, but then had warm sunshine beyond to the destination. Riders who went down the east of the country reported a dry run the whole way!

Jigger had already filled his nappy by the time he reached Strathy Park and that’s only 5 miles from home!

Some socialising was done before and after the event. Indian food and beer.

On the day 8 bikes representing Clyde Valley attended and they report that the route was lined with well-wishers. At the event, the members took part in the wreath laying ceremony, with Stevie laying the wreath on behalf of the chapter, attended by James Gould (Navy), Tommy (Army) and Jigger (RAF).

There was a Spitfire fly-past and plenty time to meet old comrades as well as friends from other chapters.

On Sunday the group were pretty lucky to be able to ride almost the entire way home in dry conditions until just 15 miles from home….quite a feat considering the amount of rain that fell in the Central Belt on Saturday and Sunday.

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