Roll Up….Roll up for the Mystery Tour 2023

I always thought Beatles were pure rotten by the way….and those haircuts….

The CVH Beatles
The Beatles. Maybe.

What a day, what a turnout. The weather while pretty nippy first thing with the first frosts of Autumn and road salt on the ground didn’t deter over 30 bikes from congregating at WCHD for a briefing but where was the Road Captain for this magical mystery tour taking us?

RC briefing
Chris pointing to Peebles….can everyone see it?…it’s fine…just follow the signs…you can’t possibly go wrong.

As we had a bigger group of bikes for the Mystery Tour…that was no longer a mystery… (probably just as well in hindsight!) the core road crew for the day of Chris (RC) Kenny (sweeping) and Jigger bringing up the rear, was supplemented by almost all the rest of the CVH road crew who would help keep the group together and manage at least some of the earlier drop offs. One notable exception was Connor who was feeling a bit sore after 80 minutes of team crochet* the day before at the Womens Institute** and so he called in lame.

*He is crocheting a cake for the Strawberry tea in two weeks’ time I am told

**Jigger told me that as well so it must be true.

With everyone having donned blindfolds and been spun round in the car park to ensure we were thoroughly lost…off we headed onto the Scottish roads network in pursuit of soup and sandwiches.

And what a brilliant day for riding a motorcycle it was, dry roads ( the occasional wee splash of salt but nothing major…barely a dusting), bright sunshine and traffic much less now the tourist season is behind us. With such a large group and quite a “fiddly” route in places there were a fair number of drop-offs, some requiring two bikes to mark the route, but it was perhaps inevitable there would be the odd hiccup.

However, the Sweeper and Tail ender lived up to their job roles and collected in the lost and strays and everyone made it to Peebles in time for lunch.

…but not before the chapter photo…..

But Wait……where’s Burnsy….?

Just photoshop him in I was instructed….

So I did….

oh wait…here he comes now….

Then we all retired to the most civilised surroundings of the Tontine Hotel for Soup sandwiches and a cup of tea or coffee….but it was strictly BYOB…Bring your own Biscuits.

After our victuals and the usual milling about blethering, we all headed off for the last time (officially) this season.

Depending on the weather there might still be a few “mates” rides, and of course, don’t forget there is the Strawberry Tea event a week on Saturday when Connor can show us all his handiwork and will have had time to get his acrylics sorted we hope…thoughts and prayers lad…thoughts and prayers…

Mystery Ride 2023 Peebles
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