July 2023 Chapter Ride Out to Oban

After what has been a shaky month weather wise and no end in sight to the unsettled conditions this months Chapter ride out was planned for a run to Oban. As the week developed it looked fortuitous that Sunday was the day for the run, it being a Chapter run, as Saturday looked to be a stinker. But in point of fact, Saturday ended up not bad and Sunday was actually a very nice day for a run into the near North West.

A few riders got a wee sprinkle of weather on the way home but a lot depended on where your final destination was and what route back was taken.

The group of about 16 ( 14 bikes and 1 trike) went up via Loch Lomondside and Tarbert taking the road to Crianlarich and then for a stop at the Green Welly to let Burnsy get a fag and petrol….preferably not all at the same time….

The Green Welly
Parked up well clear of the petrol pumps at the Green Welly….well, you would wouldn’t you?

As the carnage and mushroom cloud of the ensuing explosion faded in the riders mirrors it was on to Oban to stop and revive with Chips/Ice Cream/Coffee….again preferably not all at the same time.

The return trip was really up to each individual and where they were headed, but the majority took a run down the Kilmartin road to Lochgilphead ( another fuel stop) then back around Loch Fyne. Some headed back via Dunoon and the Ferry to the Clyde Coast, others took the more direct routes. It might have rained at Dunbarton….. and on the Clyde Coast, but a small price to pay for a nice day out.

Bikes on the Dunoon Ferry
A ferry home for a few

Photos from Pete Chisholm and Frazer Auld. As ever you can see all the images on our Flickr album below.

Chapter Rideout Oban July 2023

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