Dunbar RNLI Day Ride Out ’22 with Dunedin HOG

Riders from Dunedin and Clyde Valley Chapters

Clyde Valley joined up with our Brothers and Sisters at Edinburgh H-D after a ride through from West Coast H-D to attend the Dunbar RNLI Gala day.

It is fair to say there were probably more Clyde Valley bikes and riders than Dunedin as they had an alternate event also happening on the day that took many of their bikes elsewhere.

After a stop at E H-D and a briefing on the plan,a good-sized contingent of HOG riders headed around the Edinburgh City Bypass and onwards to Dunbar via the A1. We stopped at a holding area by Asda where a group of the local Dunedin members were waiting and our final numbers were complete.

All the bikes gathered up for the parade

After a short interlude to enjoy the sunny weather, we were moved into the edge of town to a further holding area before joining the parade through the street, making that Harley Symphony we all know and love.

It was Ice Cream, Chips and enjoy the festivities before we all made our separate ways back home.A great turnout for a popular charitable cause by Clyde Valley HOG.

Dunbar RNLI Day 22
Clyde Valley Flickr Album of the Ride out to Dunbar RNLI day.
Some Video by Raymond Brodie

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