Sun, Salt and Soup

The winter riders before leaving Showcase

Clyde Valley Members were kindly invited to drop in on our Brothers and Sisters of Dunedin having one of their famous, Saddle Up Saturdays and a “Mates Ride*” posse of 8 members turned up at the Showcase Leisure Park to make the ride through to EHD.

It was a bright sunny day and after a wee touch of frost around dawn the roads, particularly the M8, had been pretty heavily salted but our intrepid riders and one pillion rode off into the low sunshine making fast progress arriving at EHD just after midday.

We were all made very welcome by our friends, and there were pies, hot coffee, and soup to warm anyone up who had felt the chill on the ride through, though to be fair, the pace was enough to keep you warm led by Head Road Captain Jigger.

Most of the riders were rather salt coated by the arrival at Sighthill in Edinburgh, I think while we were well aware it was salty, but the actual quantity of salt encrusting all the bikes and clothing surprised us all!

If you were dressed for the conditions it was actually a lovely day for a run and all enjoyed blowing off the January cobwebs….though all would be heading home to wash down the bikes before putting them back into mid-winter hibernation. Hopefully not too long before another impromptu run and the new season won’t be long now in getting kicked off. Have you checked out our events calendar which has been fully updated with the riding itinerary for 2023? You can see Shop ride-outs and Chapter Monthly Ride-outs on dedicated pages too if you want.

*A mates ride is not an official Chapter Ride Out and members attend as riding mates without the organised structure of a HOG ride.

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  1. Great write up Kenny. The Indian Bobber was absolutely filthy by the time I got home, but at least the Harley was spared this time round.

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