All Change with Clyde Valley Tartan

New Clyde Valley Tartan
New Tartan for Clyde Valley

As we have had some difficulty getting sufficient orders in for the Clyde Valley Tartan so that we could get a new bale made up by the Manufacturers, yet there remains considerable demand for tartan for some kilts, dresses, sashes, and back patches, we have decided the best way to stimulate the extra required demand would be to replace the existing tartan with a new one and we are proud to reveal the new design today.

We have decided on a tartan with an “off-yellow” hue. Some wags might say this reflects that we are all “Banana’s” here at Clyde Valley HOG but the reality is less obvious.

Stylish Man Bag featuring the New Clyde Valley Tartan
CVH inspired helmet customisation.

Taking inspiration or “inspo” as the influencer youngsters on “the IG” ( whatever that is) say, we have adopted what we call an Egyptian Yellow, influenced by Andy Burns’s well publicised “awakening” on his recent adventures in Egypt.

The tartan will be registered STA ref 010423 and is available immediately, contact Fitzy the Merchandise Officer if you want to place an order.

Wearing the old tartan will, of course, need to end immediately, but we are prepared to offer an amnesty of 1 year, to anyone with the older tartan, ordering items made with the new.

As well as Kilts, Trews and Dresses, we also hope to offer a range of Man Bags, Purses, Seat Covers, courtesy of Tom Hurley Custom seats, and helmet finishes ( courtesy of West Coast Customs) very soon.

Place your orders today.

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5 thoughts on “All Change with Clyde Valley Tartan

  1. Yes very droll, I thought the STA number would be 4pr1l f001. you know there will be same who actually fall for this.

  2. Are you having a laugh the original tartan is much nicer

    1. It’s a shame you don’t like it Thomas. After the thousands we didn’t spent with design consultants on this we hoped would meet with member approval.
      Will you not be ordering?

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