Roseneath Ride Out ’23

Last Saturday, some might argue the second day of Autumn (meteorologically speaking) felt like the first day of Summer ( yes I have forgotten about early June already- it was years ago!)

Somewhat unusually we had a bit of an “all boys” ride out this time, up towards Luss then across the Haul road, popping out at Faslane then – across the top of the peninsula to Coulport before riding around the Roseneath point and back to Faslane, then heading down to Helensburgh for Chips, Ice Cream or both. ( I think Ice Cream was the majority choice).

A great wee ride in nice weather.

But lads…Red is so in for Autumn 2023 only two of you were on trend; the shame.

After Ice Cream with sprinkles (really!) was consumed….or slittered down your front depending how you eat your cone….

An onsite emergency committee meeting was hurriedly convened to discuss the massive fashion faux pas that was this ride out.

Discussion had, Chris laid down the law that no one should cock up so horribly again or they would be out…out you hear?

The downtrodden fashionistas returned to their bikes, some wanted to fight for on-trend shirts, and some were merely inconsolable.

We rode home and the sunshine cheered us all up again…well apart from those that wouldn’t dare be seen with these style half wits…. they weren’t happy.

On a more serious note, worth mentioning the chapter received a nice message from a horse rider lady who we encountered on the return leg. Her horse got a bit nervous (fairly understandable if you have ever had Jigger come up behind you).

….I am talking about his exhaust noise….

Everyone took extreme care to pass quietly and cautiously and the lady reached out to mention her appreciation. Well done Clyde Valley….it goes some way to redeem yourselves for the otherwise appalling fashion transgression.

All the photos from the Roseneath ride out on Flickr

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