“Millport” ride out and Harley Experience Day Tyndrum 2023

This Saturday’s official ride out was to be to Millport to drop in on the “unofficial” C&W Festival weekend but the unseasonably stormy and wet weather put paid to that idea, I understand the ferry was off at least in the morning. So the hardy bunch of members that braved the still fairly soggy conditions of Saturday morning, were treated to a ride out led by Raymond and crewed by Tommy and Fitzy, which landed at Strathclyde Park before some headed off to a Willie G MCC open day.

Good effort everyone for the turnout in the conditions and quick thinking there for a Plan B.

CVH at Strathclyde park
Pic by Brian Fitzsimmons at Strathclyde Park

Harley Experience Day Tyndrum

Some of the CVH Road Captains had been asked to assist with the HD Experience Day that was being run at Tyndrum by HD-UK to offer test rides of a selection of bikes in the HD 2023 Range. Head Road Captain Jigger, was assisted by Chris, Scott and young Connor.




Yes…. you read that right… the mighty Jigger was seen wearing water repellent over-clothes.

Jigger: waterproofs were the dress for the day

One member of the Dunedin HOG road crew, Anthony also turned out to support the ride-outs and along with the CVH Crew put in a mighty 9:00 -17:00 shift in what were at times pretty appalling conditions.

So in the conditions, one might imagine that few riders would turn out. Well, I think it’s fair to say there was definitely an attrition rate amongst attendees, but that meant there were all the more toys for those that did turn out to play on! If the road crew thought any of the wet shifts were going to be skipped…Kenny turned out to play on the toys like a kid in the sweetie shop.

Among the selection of treats on offer were

  • Fat Boy
  • Fat Bob
  • Street Bob
  • Lowrider S 117
  • Breakout 117
  • Sport Glide
  • Road King Special
  • Sportster S
  • Pan America Special

In addition, Livewire was there to show off a fleet of Livewire Ones that riders could take out on an unaccompanied basis as well as them showing an early production model of the Del Mar which is arguably a more Commuter focussed bike.

A posse of Livewire-ists about to go make no noise at all but travel very very fast….

While there weren’t many of the Dunedin HOG Road Crew on duty with HD-UK there was a group that came up for the ride out, kudos to them in the conditions and they too were only too happy to have some rides on the bikes as well as having a wee blast out on the Livewires which was a bit of a hoot when the roads dried out further up the glen towards Dalmally.

The Wet Look: Stevie Young of Dunedin while the skies opened.

At times the conditions varied from miserable to downright diabolical but spirits remained high and the CVH crew put in a five star shift that was very much appreciated by all the riders as well as the HD-UK crew up there for the day.

I think they just wished Kenny would f*** off home and stop taking bikes out 🙂

HD-UK Experience Day Tyndrum 2023
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